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A favourite past time of mine is relaxing in a bath. Sometimes a bubble bath, sometimes a bath infused with oils - either way it's my favourite way to sit back and relax. 

I came across this picture on Pinterest and was inspired to research more ways to spice up a regular bath. Wouldn't we all LOVE to have a deep, big bath with such a fabulous view?! But if this is not your bathroom - which I can unfortunately tell you does not resemble mine - there are other ways to get the same effect. I would like to share with you my favourite bath....

The Lavender Infusion Bath!

Lavender is a perfect way to reduce stress since it is well known for its sedative properties. The calming scent will help bring your mind that races everyday thinking about work, family, the kids, what to cook for dinner, etc...down to a harmonious state. Lavender waters used to be used to sooth women that were susceptible to hysteria which still holds true today and I can attest to that!

Directions: Fill your bath and infuse the water with 5 - 6 drops of lavender essential oil. Slip in, close your eyes and let your mind wander into a state of pure relaxation. To complete the feeling of zen, include some candles around your bathroom. Fabulous Living has a selection of beautiful candles and lighting ideas you can check out - Be prepared, you never know when you will crave that ultimate evening of total rejuvenation!

"KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" - anonymous

~ Heili and Team Fabulous

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