lördag 28 maj 2011

Many exciting things

Now that the new website that is pretty much bugfree the many hours of work finally made way for a chance to have a break. For the first time in several weeks I got to go to the gym! It is remarkable how refreshed and rejuvinated I feel from one Spinning/Core class. I am reminded of the necessity of having balance in one's life.

Last Monday myself and two others from Fabulous went to a Passion For Business breakfast lunch with Islandic Entrepreneur Runa Magnusdottir at MAQS law firm in Göteborg. She spoke about branding and being your brand. See the video on YouTube (we are even in it)

Also starting last week was our first commercial! It aired on TV3 and TV3Play. If you missed it you can still see it here:

Also check out our newly designed website! We have two new boutiques, Magasinet from Bromma and Spira Inredning & Växter from Uppsala. If you are not already on our Facebook page as a fan, join now and have a chance at winning a beautiful handmade bowl from Kamelo.
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