torsdag 24 november 2011

An interesting perspective

Today I received my always inspiring GOOP Thanksgiving newsletter. It had different perspectives on judgement which I found very nice to read and also thought provoking.

Here are some quotes from the newsletter: 
From Deepak Chopra:
Judge not lest you be judged.

We condemn in others what we are afraid to see in ourselves.
Blame is the projection of guilt.
Us-versus-them thinking is destructive to both sides of the equation.

From Michael Berg:
"It is easy to judge others and find fault in them; it is sometimes even enjoyable. Yet in reality, if our aim is to draw greater blessings and fulfillment into our lives, it is one of the most dangerous things we can do.

When we judge others we often think that we are simply making an observation, and that this action or thought will not affect us. However this is not the case. When we judge others we are awakening and connecting ourselves to a force of judgment. It is like trying to throw mud at someone – we might or might not hit them but we are definitely tainted by the mud. And by acting in this way we don't necessarily affect the other person, but we most definitely draw the energy of judgment and lack into ourselves...."

by Carl Gustave Jung:
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." 

From Dr. Karen Binder Byrnes, Ph.D:
"Being judgmental can drain us. Having compassion and empathy restores and increases our energy and our sense of well-being. ..."

To read the full version, click here

fredag 18 november 2011

Economy or Weather?

You can't help but notice so many stores around Sweden have put their products on sale in the middle of the fall! Stores are reducing their winter coats before winter has even come. Is it because the economy is so bad right now that people aren't shopping? Or is it because we have had an unusually warm fall? 

Last year at this time the country was covered with snow. I myself was one of the lucky to get from Göteborg to Stockholm on the E4 without going into the ditch. So where is the snow now? Are we actually going to get a winter this year? Our winter of 2010/2011 lasted well into the spring, our summer has lasted well into the fall. So it would appear that our seasons are delayed by a couple of months. There are so many changes going on around the globe that are affecting the gulf stream, which is affecting the weather, etc.

Although the weather plays a big part, it doesn't help when all the papers are telling us there is a economic crisis. Sweden as apposed to other countries in the EU is doing pretty well. We were speaking with our banker and she said things are going well; they are strong. Yesterday I read in Dagens Industrie that Handelsbanken had a record profit! 

So what to do... Fear not Shoppers and Shop Owners, the weather will come. But people and the industry needs to change it's patterns. We need to adapt to nature and not force nature to adapt to our wants and needs. So instead of thinking that we need to start buying and selling our fall products in the middle of summer or our spring products in the middle of winter, we should adapt to the seasons. 

That way everyone is happy. As a consumer we don't feel the tempatation to buy things that we don't need at the moment out of fear they won't be any left when the time comes. As a store owner, you won't feel that you have to lose your margin and risk the business because people aren't buying. And finally, the brands should perhaps consider their production times so that there are people willing or waiting to buy the products and everyone comes out a winner!

Just some thoughts...

måndag 14 november 2011

5 More New Boutiques!!!

October has been busy, we have 5 new boutiques and 4 more coming up in the next month. So who are the 5 new boutiques?

NORD Clothing from Stockholm

Alexis From Bromma

Magnolia & Co. from Sävedalen

Yokiono/Tretton from Helsingborg

Kabaré from Hoganäs