onsdag 4 april 2012


On the weekend I picked up the first month of my subscription to GlossyBox.se. Each month they send out a box out each month with 5 "lyxliga skönhetsprodukter" in smaller trial sizes. Each month you get to try 5 different products and they come in beautiful packaging from the outside all the way in to the inside packaging.

 Once you try the products you can earn GlossyDots by writing a review of the product. When you write a review you get 20 GlossyDots, when you have 500, you get the next GlossyBox month free! Sounds great to me. A good way to try products without having to spend a fortune on regular sizes and you get a big enough size to actually see if you like the product. 

So if you would like to try it yourself, go into Glossybox.se

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