onsdag 29 februari 2012

The Oscars

Being from Toronto, Canada and having lived in Vancouver (both cities known for being the Hollywood of the north) it is not surprising that the Academy Awards is as special to me as Idol or Melodifestival is Sweden.

The event, the glamour, the actors we all love to watch as we escape our lives through film are all there together to celebrate an industry that enriches our lives. They tell us stories, portray events that we perhaps have no awareness of, make us laugh, make us cry and take us on a journey with them.

Living in Sweden however with a 9 hour time difference it is not easy to deprive ourselves of precious sleep to see the spectacular show that goes on for 4 hours if you start with the red carpet. So fortunately we will get a condensed version of the real thing this coming Saturday at 18.00.

Until then I would like to share some of my favourites and give my salute to those whose passion and hard work paid off in acknowledgment and sometimes the coveted golden statue called Oscar.