fredag 23 mars 2012

New Boutique Sucre à Porter

Fabulous Living would like to welcome our newest boutique Sucre à Porter in Malmö. As you can see by the photo Sucre à Porter is inspired by vintage France. They carry hot French brands such as Leenoy, Dress Gallery, Des Petits Hauts, popular Paul & Joe Sister which is from French designer Sophie Albou who launched Paul & Joe - named after her two sons - in 1995, and now regularly dresses the likes of Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss

Sucre à Porter also sell shoes from Spanish brand Chie Mihara and Italian brands Via Roma 15 and Le Mie Ballerine.  They also sell lifestyle products from US Tokyo Milk and purses by Make Everyday Happy.

Sucre opened in Malmö in October 2011 and is located in the trendy Davidshallstorg and offers a unique blend of French, Italian, English and Spanish labels.

"Everything has been carefully selected to offer something really special, in terms of design and quality. Sucre is the perfect destination for style seeking women, looking for quality, personal service and, thanks to our international background, a unique approach to fashion."

Sucre à Porter is also selling this years hot ballerinas, a must in every wardrobe. I personally have several and could have even more. If you have Audrey Hepburn as your style icon, then you can't be without the most comfortable shoes around. You feel like your not wearing anything. Your feet will love you.

Happy Spring!

fredag 9 mars 2012

Following a dream

656 pages of inspiration, motivation, melancholy and empowerment. I don't have much time to read, running a business, 5 kids and their activities and maybe some time at the gym, but I felt I needed to read this very big biography of the Steve Jobs, founder of Apple (for those who don't know who he is, if there is anyone).

The book is written with a refreshing objective honesty presenting the two sides of Jobs - the genius and the dragon. Everyone has the light side and the shadow side, some more than others, so I found his persona actually quite balanced in the sense that in his extremes there was balance; extreme highs and extreme lows in the way he did things, treated people, thought, acted, etc. 

The thing that I connected with is the fact that he was not motivated by money but by excellence. He wanted to create great products, simple and easy user experience to simplify and enhance our lives and he wanted to create a great company. 

Like anything in life, when something is done for the right reason with the intention to want to improve and enhance life, society, etc. one is often successful and as a result, money is plenty. Although Steve Jobs was hard on people, he wanted to help them to reach the unreachable. To find within themselves their true potential. Many people in society today are talking about motivation, affirmations, fulfilling your dreams, and making things happen. Robin Sharma's books and philosophy is based on this, being the best you can be. Believe it or not, Maria Montessori over 100 years ago started her method of education to help each individual child realise their true potential.

If we say, "no, it can't be done", it won't get done because we have already created that reality with our thoughts.  Instead we can think like the Little Engine that Could, "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can. 

A little philosophizing on a Friday morning to give you food for thought on a early March weekend. 

Trevlig Helg!!!