torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Things are rolling...

Another Store has joined us...Valt av Annika from Göteborg. Valt av Annika is a jewellery store specialized in modern jewellery which is hand picked by owner Annika. Brands such as Bjorg Jewellery, DyrbergKern, Niiice Jewellery, U it's U and Yvone Christa New York.

We're off to Stockholm again next week to meet with more boutiques to bring exciting products to the Galleria. Stay tuned in....

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Two More!!!

We are pleased to welcome two new boutiques to the Galleria, K and Co. and Amica. Both are inredningsbutiks in Stockholm.

K and Co. located in Odenplan area offers a fantastic selection of furniture and accessories reflecting the owner's taste, style and influence from her years as a decorator in New York and travels around the world.

Amica located in Sodermalm area is a quaint Lifestylebutik offering a variety of well known brands such as Dixie, Papperlina, Lot's Living, Silke, Edberg Smycken, Spira and many more.

söndag 25 oktober 2009

Patience please

I know it's taking a little while longer than expected to have our first stores up and running. By the end of week 44 we will have a couple of stores for you to shop in. Venti Nove Women's Wear and Sagolikt clothing for Children and Women. Your patience is appreciated.