tisdag 17 april 2012

A bit of the '80s are back!

Do you remember flashing neon colour combos in the '80s? Well it's back! 

Two of the hottest spring/summer colour palettes are neon and pastel. They are making a huge comeback and I have been seeing pops of colour all over the shops and magazine spreads!

Over the weekend, I decided to visit the 'Surrounding Bacon + Warhol' exhibit at the Göteborgs Konstmuseum. First of all, what a small and great display of cool yet strange art. The piece that stuck out for me was Warhol's 1984 'Marilyn Manroe'. Warhol was known for working in the third person and interpreting figures and people in the media via his own unique techniques of reproduction. What a fantastic display of neon and pastel colours - it gets me excited about so many colour combos for the spring!

I guess some of the '80s are back with a 2012 twist! Will we be seeing you in a pop of neon or pastel this season?

-From Team Fabulous

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